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Garden centres & nurseries

  1. Meet our new, heavy duty sack truck

    We asked you what you thought of our rootball trolleys and you told us you love their lifting power but find they're hard to move around, especially in tight spaces. So ... we've introduced a heavy duty sack truck which combines the best of both worlds. Great manoeuvrability and serious lifting capacity. Coming in at roughly half the size of our...
  2. Get the edge on online competitors

    It’s easy to see why people choose to shop online. Everything’s easy to find, new products are always on show and then your purchases are delivered to your door … the convenience is hard to beat! But there are some simple steps you can take to keep your customers coming back for more … they’re easy to implement and won’t...
  3. New equipment for the equine & marine industries

    For over 50 years, Castlefield has serviced the horticulture market with trolleys, barrows, trailers and other bespoke equipment. These robust, quality products are all made in the UK and are versatile enough to be used in many other industries. Check out the PDF brochures below for our product range for the equine and marine markets: Equine Equipment Marine Equipment PDF...
  4. Space saving trolley introduced to garden centre range

    Aware of space limitations at many garden centres, we've introduced a brand new option to our range of customer trolleys. The Gainsborough E Nesting trolley offers great maneuverability, large capacity and a unique wheel combination which makes the trolley much easier to use on sloping terrain. Very similar to our Gainsborough, but smaller, the Gainsborough E Nesting trolley is just...

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